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internal monitoring



A process that is being held for the first time in Greece, during 2009. Its aim is to maintain the high standards among the OMTs.


Greece was first accepted as an IFOMPT member in 2005. After a time period of approximately four (4) years, the first group of OMTs completed the approved curriculum. During this period of time, we assumed we had the apportunity to do some necessary “upgrades” in the program, have some more information by contacting other MOs in meetings, like the IFOMPT congress in Rotterdam, and by talking to members of the executive and also the standards’ committee. We had a lot of help, not only by the MOs during various discussions in terms of input and how things work in different countries, but we also had a lot of help from the Standards’ Committee and especially from Dr. Alison Rushton, who spent much of her time supporting us in our effort. We are thankful to all of them.


As regards frequency of this Monitoring, we do not know at the moment how often it will be taking place but it will not be sooner than a four (4) year-period, in between.


The process of internal monitoring has a written and an oral examination, just like the OMT Diploma Examination. More details will be available when the procedure is finished.


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